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Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya is a Consultant Clinical Nutritionist/ Dietitian in Kolkata. He has more than 15 years of experience. He is available for consultation in Jibok Polyclinic, Barrackpore. You can consult him on his residence, 57/2, D. Road, Anandapuri, Barrackpore, Kolkata 700 122. He is also available for consultation over telecommunication or Online.   

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Dr. Udayan Bhattacharya, PHD

Dr. Bhattacharya has graduated from Rahara Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, formerly affiliated to the University of Calcutta. He has completed his Masters from Vidyasagar University. He joined Calcutta Medical College and Hospital as a Research Assistant and also completed his internship in several Clinical Departments as dietitian. He was selected by ICMR/WHO/UNICEF Organized Symposium-Cum-Training Programme for Developing and Capacity Building of Young Scientists Especially for North-Eastern Region for Carrying out research in the field of Food Science and Nutrition in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Indore. Later He joined the Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Laboratory, Department of Physiology, the University of Calcutta as a Research Fellow and has been awarded his Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition from the University of Calcutta with a specialization in Iodine Nutrition.

His current area of interest is Nutritional Endocrinology.  He worked as a Project Fellow in Indian Council of Medical Research Task Force Study and attained meetings organized by Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, B. J. Medical College & Hospital, Gujarat, ICMR Head Quarter, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, The Government of India regarding the consumption pattern of carbonated soft drinks and its harmful effects on Indian population.    

Dr. Bhattacharya has presented several research papers in national and international scientific conferences and published several research papers in various peer-reviewed esteemed academic journals of India and abroad. He is a life member of many national and international learned scientific bodies like

  1. Physiological Society of India
  2. Indian Science Congress Association, Association of Physiologists & Pharmacologists of India
  3. Nutrition Society of India
  4. Society for Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology
  5. Indian Public Health Association, Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research
  6.  South Asian Association of Physiologists
  7. Federation of Indian Physiological Societies, Federation of Asian 
  8. Oceania Physiological Societies.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Dietitian can individualize your nutrition counselling experience, taking into account your medical and family history, your lifestyle and preferences and help you achieve realistic goals to improve your health.

Depending on the goals you set with your Dietitian, you can increase energy levels, lose weight, build muscle mass, optimize your nutrition in pregnancy, lower cholesterol levels, prevent or manage chronic diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis, just to name a few!

A Dietitian is the only nutrition or weight-loss specialist to provide safe and effective nutrition counselling services. A Dietitian’s knowledge is based on a university education, current evidence-based research and clinical experience.

To start with, you need to come for a 1 hour initial assessment. At this session, the Dietitian gathers information such as your medical, social and diet history. Depending on the goals you set with your Dietitian, you may want to come back for follow up sessions to receive a detailed meal plan, diet analysis or for accountability and adjustment of your nutrition goals.

Diet control, exercise, lifestyle modification, and positive attitude.

Low calorie and high fiber diet help may help. But the workout is a key part of almost every weight loss journey. Exercises that specifically target the abdominal area would go a long way in helping reduce belly fat.

It depends on the physiological or pathological conditions of your body. You can start a diet plan of a high protein low carb diet with moderate soluble fiber.

A ketogenic diet sometimes works well. But it depends on the physiological and pathological conditions of every person.Accordion Content

Check Reviews from my past Clients

"Dr Udayan Bhattacharya is a dietitian per excellence. A man of extraordinary scholarship in his field and adequate experience, he appears to be one of the best dietitians available to the people in need. My personal experiences of correspondence with him compels me to strongly recommend his name concerning problems of health and diet. One may contact him in necessity and requirements."
"Dr. Bhattacharya is very knowledgeable and dedicated towards his profession. I am very happy with his treatment.... Nicely cooperated with his valuable clinical eye."
Sukalyan Majumdar
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